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2016 Recipient: Lorena Pettet-Payne

Lorena Pettet Payne received the 2016 Nora Staael-Evert Award. She was nominated by Mary Jo Lusin. Please join us in congratulating Lorena on this much deserved award. Below are pieces of Mary Jo’s nomination letter for Lorena, that highlights Lorena’s many outstanding attributes as a physical therapist.

“Lorena has extensive clinical experiences during the 33 years as a physical therapist, from Arizona, to Michigan, to Utah and the last 15 years in Montana. She has practiced in a variety of settings, including hospital, home health, special education, and out-patient.

“She has enhanced her education, knowledge and clinical skills through many studies and courses, most notably the study for and completion of the APTA Specialty, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). Other educational enhancements include “BIG” Certification and Nordic Pole Walking Instruction. Both of these techniques she uses regularly with her patients.

“Lorena is very creative and forward thinking. Examples of this include her initiative within the realm of cccupational physical therapy. She has established many programs for employers to institute for the preventive occupational health of employees.

“Her peer clinicians are always impressed with her creative and thorough approach to patient care. She has many a skill and option in her ‘bag of tricks’ to enhance patient care and to assist the patients to an understanding of the PT program they are involved in. She teaches them well. Lorena’s work on jobsites includes educating employees and employers, using many common sense tools to establish improved work conditions for employee safety and musculoskeletal health. She is always researching for the latest evidence in clinical matters and policy.

“Lorena has been a practice owner for many years. She has been very involved at the state and national level regarding many topics effecting the physical therapy profession, both locally and nationally.

“Lorena believes in the commitment to the future of physical therapy by involvement with professional physical therapy students. In 2012 she completed the “Advanced Credentialed Clinical Instructor” training. She continues to accept professional students for internship experiences. She presents as a guest lecturer at University of Montana on the topic of occupational health physical therapy. She initiated the “Clinical Minute” for our staff meetings at which a topic or concept is presented in abbreviated form, to stimulate the minds and knowledge-base for our therapists. She is a leader in many things of this nature. Lorena jumps at any and all education opportunities. These are certainly a benefit to the population addressed. As well, these provide an opportunity to promote the profession and expose the public to what physical therapists have to offer.

“Lorena is not an 8-5 clinician or employee. She is on-duty and ready to go at all times, with a commitment that is unwavering to the profession. More importantly, she upholds the same commitment to the patient, that being the focus of her life in physical therapy.”

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