Upcoming: Fall Conference  |   Missoula, MT  |   October 7-8, 2017

Upcoming events

    • 01-Feb-2018
    • 27-Jan-2020
    • Montana

    Feb 1/2*
     25/26 or Feb 1/2*
    Great Falls* 
    Bozeman or Chico*
     18/19 or 25/26*
    October 7/8
    12/13 Missoula 
    4/5 or 11/12*

    (* tentative) : Starred dates and sites are tentative until a contract is signed with a site. Some dates subject to change if we find a conflict.

Past events

07-Oct-2017 Fall Conference 2017: Postural Respiration
22-Apr-2017 Spring Conference 2017: NOI course: Explain Pain
28-Jan-2017 Winter Conference 2017, Course ONE of two: Functional movement strategies for the legs, knees & feet: Understanding relationships and optimizing movement
28-Jan-2017 Winter Conference 2017, Course TWO of two: Dizziness and Balance Issues in Persons Post Concussion and with mild Traumatic Brain Injury
24-Sep-2016 Fall Conference 2016 Course 1: Contemporary Topics in Physical Therapy Practice for Athletes with ACL Injury, Ryan L. Mizner, PT, PHD
24-Sep-2016 Fall Conference 2016 Course 2 (one day course): Therapeutic Neuroscience Education: Know Pain; Know Gain AND A Pain Science Approach to Treating Headaches
31-Aug-2016 Primal Reflex Release Technique Course - DVD and Discount
23-Apr-2016 Spring Conference 2016: Two Courses - Payment/Policy by Helene Fearon or Therapeutic Exercise by Tim Fearon
30-Jan-2016 Winter Conference 2016: Wendy Burke presents Therapeutic Kinesiology Taping for the Whole Body
03-Oct-2015 Fall Conference 2015:George Davies Presents and MORE
18-Apr-2015 Spring Conference 2015: Two Courses to Choose From
24-Jan-2015 Winter Conference 2015: Treating the Person with Dizziness, Susan Whitney DPT, PhD
04-Oct-2014 Fall Conference 2014: Mobilization of the Nervous System
04-Oct-2014 Fall Conference Social: The Dirty Sexy Chocolate Show, Top Hat, Missoula
12-Apr-2014 Spring Conference 2014
25-Jan-2014 2014 Winter Conference and Business Meeting
28-Sep-2013 Fall Conference 2013
20-Apr-2013 Treating the Whole Person with The Integrated Systems Model for Pain & Disability - An Evidence-Based Approach to Optimize Function & Performance, Diane Lee BSR, FCAMT, CGIMS 12.75 CE Hours/1.275 CEUs Spring Conference 2013
26-Jan-2013 Winter Conference 2013
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