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Upcoming: Fall Conference  |   Missoula , MT  |   September 28-29, 2019

2019 open positions

If races are uncontested, we will not send a ballot for absentee voting. You may vote onsite on at the Fall Business Meeting, 12noon-2:00 business Meeting. See events page for more.

  • Vice President 
  • Director - Programming
  • Four year Delegate (Becomes Chief Delegate and on Board final 2 years)
  • One Year Delegate
  • Nominating Committee Member (3 year term, Chairperson and on Board in 3rd year)
  • PTA Caucus Representative

Interested in nominating yourself or a colleague for a position? Call or email us, information is found in the footer of this website.

2019 Slate

This slate is NOT FINAL. We are adding candidates as the final paperwork arrives. Final Slate will be posted 10 days prior to the elections, on September 18, 2019.

Vice President: coming soon.

Director - Programming - coming soon.

Four Year Delegate - coming soon

One Year Delegate - coming soon

Nominating Committee Member - Marybeth Wilson, Dillon, MT

Address your qualifications or expertise (previous Association service or volunteer activities, as well as practice-related expertise.)

I have served the last 5 years as a delegate to the APTA House of Delegates, including the last two years as Montana's Chief Delegate and MAPTA board member. While serving as a delegate, I participated in elections for the APTA board of directors and nominating committee, including interviewing these candidates in both group and one on one format. This experience has helped me to learn about what qualities are important for leadership and how selecting the most appropriate candidates can strengthen an organization. Outside of the profession, I have experience serving on other boards within my community and holding leadership roles including the Vice President of the Southwest Montana Arts Council, secretary of Beaverhead Ski Patrol, and secretary of the Community Support Center.  

Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Montana PT professionals.

I think PT's across the country are feeling the crunch of declining reimbursement coupled with administrative burden in the form of prior authorization and other insurance regulations. Simultaneously, patients wish to do more with less in their hope to attend minimal PT sessions in order to avoid their high deductibles and copayments. These issues are exacerbated in a largely rural state such as Montana. The nominating committee can address these issues by working to slate individuals who understand payment and can best advocate for our profession on both the state and federal levels. 

How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?

A chapter's BOD can best serve its members by being open, and transparent. During my last two years on the MAPTA board, I have worked to distribute information regarding the House of Delegates to MAPTA members through the electronic listserv, printed newsletter, and in person engagement during conferences. If elected to the nominating committee, I would work to similarly engage the member body in the work of the committee. Additionally, a board of directors best serves its members when it is representative of the group as a whole. If elected to the nominating committee, I would work to ensure diversity within the slate, including representation from a range of geographic and practice areas. 

PTA Caucus Rep - Lori Graybill, Kalispell, MT

Address your qualifications or expertise:

I have been the Montana PTA Caucus Representative for the last two years. During my tenure, I have participated in quarterly regional conference calls with other representatives, as well as attending NEXT one of the two years. I have been a member of the PTAC membership work group, last year serving as the chairman. This year, I am again a member of the same work group and have placed my name for consideration for co-chairman. I have been a PTA for 21 years, practicing in home health, outpatient, inpatient and SNF. I am on the FVCC PTA Program Advisory Committee and have since the programs inception. I am a Credentialed Clinical Instructor for PTA students.

Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing Montana PT professionals.

One of the most important issues facing PT professionals is the Medicare Part B reimbursement differential starting in 2022. This reimbursement differential may adversely affect the provision of physical therapy services in rural and underserved areas, where private clinics with a small staff of PTs and PTAs could be affected significantly. Skilled Nursing Facilities will face the same reductions for any Medicare Part B patient who is treated by a PTA in whole or in part. There is concern that for those patients who require both the expertise of the PT and the skill of the PTA working together to provide safe, evidence based treatments, the reimbursement will be less with the assistance of the PTA, as it currently stands. This could also affect theemployment opportunities for PTAs in Montana, when the 15% reduction in reimbursement begins January 1st, 2022.

How can the Chapter Board of Directors best serve Chapter members?

The continuation of the chapters vision, mission and goals are an inclusive and cohesive statement of the chapters intentions of the PT/PTA Team, working together for the benefit of our patients, other stakeholders and our national organization.

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